Your Video and Photography studio for multimedia, images and film making.

Visual Media for Visual Artists



Video photography for multimedia, images & film making.

Halyucinations Studios, Newtown, Sydney for Video or photography be it for multimedia, images & film making.  This is your one stop shop to be seeking persuasive, engaging visual multimedia for your corporate and creative needs?  Can our specialisation in everything from pre- to post-production Video and Photography aid your needs for visual displays?  In short can we shoot it, compile it, edit it and reproduce it in a medium you need it in?

Do you need your media produced as a web video, youtube videos, dvd burn, film production, showreel, promotion photos, product photography, artistry photography, headshot, mugshot, or just shot.

We can facilitate all of your promotions, advertising and productions through the full range of multimedia for online and/or print. We particularly love generating creative video, event recordings and photography and multimedia for our clients – be they local businesses, government departments or corporate brands.

Our services:

  • Pre- to post-production film: Storyboarding through to camera shooting thru film editing thru to your dvd burn or video recording uploaded to your site’s web video or youtube video promotion.
  • Model, Facebook, Linkedin Product or Event Photography shooting including photo retouch editing via Lightroom and Photoshop.
  • Multimedia promotions development: Flash; Director; Motion; After Effects animations
  • Burn to DVD, Print to photographic paper or canvas, Embed in Website, Youtube, Vimeo, etc.